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Hartlepool is a thriving town on the Northeast coast of England. Hartlepool’s position has long been recognised as strategically significant for both Britain’s Royal Navy and for trade; modern use of the towns ports focuses on the latter of these purposes, with the coastal location driving Hartlepool’s economic growth.

Located just a short drive north of Teesside, Hartlepool will benefit from the creation of the new Teesside Freeport, with both of the town’s ports included in the plan, strengthening Hartlepool’s already significant opportunities for international trade. In addition to Hartlepool’s ports, the Teesside Freeport will offer businesses trade opportunities through Teesside International Airport, as well as ports located on the river Tees itself. Hartlepool also has excellent access to both road networks and to freight logistics, allowing for easy transport of cargo around the UK.

Within the town itself, Hartlepool is home to a range of business and retail parks, as well as industrial estate such as Longhill and Sandgate, allowing businesses to benefit from premises suitable for a range of business needs, conveniently located within a short drive of one another.

Not only does Hartlepool present exciting commercial opportunities for businesses, both the town and wider borough provide residents with the opportunity for a fulfilling lifestyle, with beautiful beaches, stunning rural walks, and outstanding bars and restaurants among the town’s offering. 


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