A number of Business Forums and Networking Groups actively operate in Hartlepool.

The groups provide an opportunity to influence local, regional and national key decision-makers on any aspect of business, be it legislation or policy development.

Hartlepool Economic Regeneration & Tourism Forum

The aim of the Hartlepool Economic Regeneration and Tourism Forum is to develop a more enterprising, vigorous, and diverse local economy that will attract investment, be globally competitive and create more employment opportunities for local people.

The Forum is open to all active businesses and business groups within the Borough. To ensure you are invited to forum events please sign up for our business mailing list here

Hartlepool Business Forum

Hartlepool Business Forum has been in existence for a number of years and provides a programme of events and seminars aimed at addressing key issues faced by the business community culminating in the annual Hartlepool Business Awards ceremony in the summer.

The Longhill & Sandgate Business Association (LSBA)

The Longhill & Sandgate Business Association (LSBA) is open to all businesses located in the Longhill and Sandgate Industrial Estates area.

The Business Association has a variety of objectives to help improve the security, perception and regeneration of the industrial estate area. 

An elected Executive Group meets regularly to drive the Association forward, agree agenda items and discuss ongoing projects.

North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC)

The North East Chamber of Commerce exists to serve its members’ interests across the North East and is one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in the UK. NECC offers a comprehensive range of business services, products and expert training, all aimed at helping you realise your business’ potential.

As well as having the potential to influence Government, the role of the Chamber is to inform, increase a company’s prospects through increased knowledge and skill enhancing and improve the efficiency of businesses throughout the North East.

For further information, contact NECC

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a non-profit making, campaigning pressure group with the aim of promoting and protecting the interests of its members.

With nearly 200,000 members, it is the largest pressure group in the UK. The organisation campaigns on behalf of the self-employed and small business owners covering issues ranging from bank charges and interest to corporation tax and pension requirements. The group has the ability to influence government at a national and regional level by various means. It also offers its members support and assistance 24 hours a day.

For further information, contact the FSB

Foundation for Women in Enterprise

The Foundation for Women in Enterprise is a non for profit organisation run by businesswomen.

The Foundation promotes positive female role models and raises awareness of women in business. Additionally, FWE promotes opportunities for women in business to network. Grant opportunities are also available to support access to activities like professional services, training and equipment. More information is available here

ISQ Business Association

The ISQ stands for the Innovation Skills Quarter which is a region of predominantly creative industry businesses in Hartlepool. The ISQ Business Association is a newly formed group made up of businesses and key stakeholders in the ISQ area who are committed to promoting the area. The aim of the Association is to…

 “Work collaboratively to improve and promote the economic well-being of the area and provide a safe, clean and connected business environment.”

There are three key objectives that will be addressed; Marketing, Security, and Environmental Conditions. Technical and administrative support will be provided by the Economic Growth & Regeneration team at Hartlepool Borough Council.