Cleveland Local Resilience Forum are currently working with Business in the Community on a project to look at how Local Resilience Forums could better support and engage with business networks/ groups to improve both business, and community, resilience.  Looking to gain experiences and insight into emergency incident planning and response, this could be anything from flooding, to power outage, terrorist activity, fire, or the pandemic and beyond. As part of the research, they are looking for any representatives of business networks and groups (which can include social enterprises) to share through an online survey:


  • Your experiences in emergency planning and response
  • Insight into the key risks and possible emergencies that you see as a concern
  • The support that you’d find useful to strengthen this work for your network



We all have a part to play in resilience and emergency response in our communities. What if there was a flood? A power outage? Another pandemic or terrorist attack? How prepared are the businesses in your network to withstand and recover from these emergencies, and how could they support their communities in response?

Businesses play a vital role in local communities, and we know that they have risen to the challenge during previous emergencies to support first responders and communities. We have also seen businesses demonstrate their own resilience to incidents in recent years. New research led by the Greater London Authority and delivery partner Business in the Community, aims to gather the views, insight and experience of business and enterprise networks/ groups across England about key risks that concern their businesses, their experiences of emergency planning, and what support they may find useful to help their businesses to respond, and assist their local communities, in the event of an emergency incident.


If you are a representative of a business or social enterprise network, group or body (based anywhere, with any focus), or know of anyone who is, we would love to hear any and all insights and experiences through this research in order to support as many networks as possible in this space of emergency planning and response.

You can contribute your insight and experience to this research here:


Contact for more information:,uk