The Marketing Performance Framework™ is the starting point for any business that is looking to increase productivity, improve business efficiency and maximise technology to streamline processes that leads to an overall improvement in people and business performance.

It provides business intelligence to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy to develop and grow your business.

The workshop will include an interactive breakout session where delegates get to understand the steps they need to take to embed the framework to power their business performance.

Content and key take aways will include:

  • Exploring what marketing is and how it looks for delegates right now.
  • How do current business processes communicate with each other – if at all?
  • What are current business goals and objectives and who is responsible for achieving them?
  • Is there a plan in place to support the development of a marketing strategy?
  • BREAKOUT SESSION – Discussion around what constitutes an effective plan, perceptions of marketing within the business and how time is currently being spent on this/measurements and tracking
  • Introduction to the concept of a framework that offers a way to measure and track performance
  • The Marketing Performance Framework™ – Lets explore the 4 key areas and how to implement.
  • Using TECH to give a sustainable solution to planning and tracking of tasks in line with wider business objectives


Date: Thursday 11 July | 09:00am

Location: The BIS, 13-17 Whitby Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7AD

Please note: paid car parking is available in Dover Street Carpark | Dover St, Hartlepool TS24 7DA

Cost: free

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