A more in-depth look at the measures businesses can implement, such as renewable technologies and behavioural change. Aspects of the half-day Decarbonisation Quick Wins Masterclass will also be covered in more depth.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what decarbonisation is, and what is is not (emissions reduction vs. offsetting).
  • Recap from Net Zero Journey session on emissions, scopes and steps to reach Net Zero.
  • Environmental benefits of decarbonisation.
  • Commercial benefits of decarbonisation.
  • How to measure and assess energy consumption.
  • How to carry out a basic energy audit.
  • Understand energy bills.
  • Understand energy contracts.
  • How to use half-hourly electricity consumption data with MS Excel.
  • How to identify energy waste and opportunities for decarbonisation.
  • A comprehensive set of ‘Quick Wins’ for decarbonising a business.
  • How energy can be monitored in greater detail through data logging.
  • Introduction to renewables for business premises including solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps.
  • The pros and cons of specific renewable technologies.
  • How staff behaviour can affect energy consumption.
  • How to create and implement a behavioural change campaign within a business.

Event Location: Redcar (TBA)

02/05/2024 | 9:00am – 4:00pm

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