Are you considering relocating your current business to Hartlepool?

Do you have plans or ideas to….

  • Relocate your existing business to Hartlepool from another geographical area
  • Move parts of your business operations to the area
  • Search for additional work spaces for your business with plans for Hartlepool to provide¬†
  • Find a more suitable premises and location which Hartlepool offers

If you are considering a business relocation, such as the examples mentioned above, the Economic Growth Team at Hartlepool Borough Council could provide assistance during this process. In particular, our team can provide tailored assistance with: grants & financial assistance, business locations, properties available in Hartlepool, recruitment, apprenticeships & training Support. Please see the below information boxes for more details. 

For more specific advice and support, contact the Economic Growth Team. This will give you an opportunity for you to ask any questions and discuss potential relocation projects.

Contact us through email at or call us on (01429) 867677.