Digital City

Teesside University wants the Tees Valley to be known for its leading digital business cluster and the superior digital capability of its businesses by bringing together all of the digital knowledge and support at Teesside University in one place.

DigitalCity is the way in which they are making that happen.


Built on Teesside University’s world-renowned expertise and reputation in digital media and digital technology, DigitalCity is creating record numbers of high-growth businesses and jobs in North East England.


Through DigitalCity, they connect businesses with the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to thrive in a digital future. DigitalCity is there to support digital start-ups, help small and medium sized businesses who want to use digital to grow, and work with bigger companies to help put digital at the heart of their businesses.


DigitalCity is also tackling the wider digital challenges that have the potential to hold us back regionally and nationally. They are also encouraging more women to attend their courses and to actively consider a career in digital.


DigitalCity wants Tees Valley to seize the opportunity to be a leading digital hub in the UK where industries – new and old – can grow and play a lead role on a national and international stage.


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If you want to be involved and want to discuss how DigitalCity can support your business contact


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