Countdown to GDPR

As the 25th May rapidly approaches, many organisations are hurriedly putting in place measures to ensure they manage data in line with GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR has higher standards but they are evolved standards. The Regulation requires that in order to process personal data you must have a valid lawful basis and you must determine and document this before you begin the processing.  A privacy notice should include the lawful basis for processing the data as well as the purpose of the processing and the retention period.

There are six available lawful bases and most require that processing is ‘necessary.’ If you can reasonably achieve the same purposes without the processing, you do not have a lawful basis.

The lawful reasons include:

GDPR requires a culture shift in how personal data is handled. Privacy is essential and it requires that we stop and think before handling data.  You can find further information at

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