21st Century Marketing – The Digital Era

Teesside University in collaboration with Horizonworks Marketing would like to invite you to explore Digital Marketing and how this can benefit your company.

Marketing is all about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers. Now more than ever, it is essential to adapt marketing strategies to keep up with new technology developments and changing customer needs in today’s digital era. 

Digital Marketing is an ever increasing platform for businesses to use, but do we know enough about it and are we using it to its full potential? We are hosting an event to explore digital marketing, the benefits of these platforms and to widen your knowledge on marketing innovatively for the future: 

5.00        Networking & Refreshments

 5.30       What is Digital Marketing? (Horizonworks)

 5.45       Company Perspective (Tom Riley – Whitewash Laboratories)

 6.15       Graduates – How can they help? (Megan Lillie)

 6.30       Innovation Support

 6.45       DigitalCity Support

 7.00       Q&A

The Forge | Sedgefield